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> Now that Stalinism is dead in the motherland, and survives only in such
> outposts of the future as North Korea

	Now, now, be fair... Compare North Korea to the South Korean
police state (Oh? It's a democracy now?? My mistake!!), and it doesn't
look half as bad -- though if one goes around measuring everything in
DOLLAR terms, I guess S.K. is a roaring success and N.K. an abject

> Which reminds me of an amusing story concerning the breakup of the Canadian
> Communist  Party. The pro-reformers (the Canadian equivalent of the CofC is
> the easiest way to describe them) had won the elections at the convention,
> but due to the peculiarities of the history of the CPs incorporation, the
> last of the die-hard Stalinists were still ensconced in the legal corporate
> positions, and decided to fight out "ownership" of the party in the Canadian
> courts. (No, I did not make this up!)

	This is absolutely true. The bourgeois press had a minor field day.

An agreement was finally neotiated, and
> guess what the Stalinists wanted -- the name Communist Party of Canada and
> the warehouse full of Progress Publishers Books. The future of socialism in
> Canada lies with the collected works of Brezhnev! And those foolish reformers
> just walked away with the national newspaper and the party headquarters.

	Not that that has (apparently) worked out too well...    |<

	But the 'Communist Party of Canada' is chugging right along --
into the dustbin... The bourgeois parties want to administer the coup de
grace -- liquidate it and seize its assets. (Greedy and petty buggers...)


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