The Grand Old Party (Remnant) {was "marxism", "dialectics" and "science"}

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Sat Jun 24 19:28:13 MDT 1995

Leo Casey is presenting a rather confused and distorted picture of what
happened in the Canadian CP. If you look at the documents from the last
CPC convention and the draft documents from this year's convention, it
would be clear that the term Stalinist is grossly inappropriate, unless
you put make no distinction between Stalin and Lenin. The leadership
that left the party ended up leaving because the membership rebelled
against their tactics of expelling the opposition. The strength of their
following is indicated that they have basically departed from the
poltical scene altogether. As has happened in a number of countries
where such internal divisions occur, large numbers of people lose
heart altogether without taking sides and become apolitical in practice.

Erwin Marquit

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