Rand is NOT a Fascist! Jeez!

Jim Jaszewski ab975 at main.freenet.hamilton.on.ca
Sun Jun 25 17:48:04 MDT 1995

On Sat, 24 Jun 1995 LeoCasey at aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 95-06-24 17:15:27 EDT, Jim of Hamilton writes:
> >You'd have a hard time convincing me that most 'anti-communists',
> >and ALL anti-communists who engage in propaganda, aren't >out-and-out
> fascists.
> The inability to make political distinctions is a genetic feature of -- to
> play off of Lenin's phraseology -- infantile ultra-leftism.

	Jesus Christ...

	I _DON'T_ need pompous lessons on 'infantile ultra-leftism' from
some arm-chair marxist...

	And before the local censor tells me this reply is too much, may
I point them to the above crap...

	You are assuming QUITE a lot, Leo, about what I believe.
ANTI-communism is a LITTLE more specific than JUST people who don't
'believe' in communism...

	As usual (here and elsewhere), MUCH bandwidth is wasted dueling
over what someone supposedly said or didn't say...

 When all
> opposition to Communism becomes fascist, and thus everyone but someone who
> subscribes to the general parameters of your politics is fascist, the
> political lemming instinct is in full bloom. Just don't expect anyone else to
> go raising off the cliff with you.

	Read my lips, Leo...


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