Leo Casey, Stalinism, and the Canadian CP

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Sun Jun 25 22:36:37 MDT 1995

Leo Casey continuation of his sweeping characterization of the Canadian
CP as Stalinist without documentation is rather surprising for a
Marxism conference such as this. The Canadian CP had its 31st
Convention in May 1995. I have not yet seen the documents from it, but
I do have the discussion bulletin that was issued for the preconvention
discussion . The "Draft Convention Resolution" places the blame for the
collapse of socialism in the USSR on both internal and external factors.
It discusses briefly the external factors--the constant military and
economic and ideological pressures from imperialism.
It then goes on to discuss three principal areas of the internal causes.
The first area relates to weaknesses and inconsistencies in
economic management and planning.
I'll cite the entire text for the second area:
   The second main area deals with the role fo the vanguard party
   in the construction of socialism, its relationship to the
   administration of the state,and its political connection to the
   working class, and to the people as a whole. Glaring errors and
   distortions arose in this area, reflected not least in the
   alienation of the communist party from its class and mass
   base and vise versa; in the rise of stifling bureaucratism and
   commandism; in the indentification and merging of party and
   state structures; in the erosion of inner-party democracy;
   and in the resultant growth of careerism and opportunism inside
   the party. At root, these problems refleced a fundamental
   underestimation of the role of democracy in constructing
   socialism,and stunted the development of the political role
   of the working class in leading this transformation and the
   building of a new society.

The third area "relates to the neglect and stagnation of theory
under socialism, and its dogmatic and inappropriate application."

When the final text adopted at the convention becomes available
it can be obtained from the Marxist Forum (programmatic materials
distributed by MEP Publications , Univ. of Minnesota, 116 Church
St. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455-0112) or if interested in
obtaining it sooner, you can write to the CP of Canada,
290A Danforth Avenue, Toronto, Ont. M4K 1N6 (tel.

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