Leo Casey, Stalinism, and the Canadian CP

marquit at physics.spa.umn.edu marquit at physics.spa.umn.edu
Sun Jun 25 23:34:33 MDT 1995

The level of the discussion on the Canadian CP by Leo
Casey and Jim Jaszewski degenerates to what can only be
called the old anti-Communism. Rather than deal with
discussion of programmic issues, which is what we should
be disucussing here, they raise the frightening term
"Stalinism" and seem to think that if they can repeat
often enough they win the argument.

Jim Jaszewski seems to think that he can answer my plea for
dealing with programmic issues by condemning my "group's
rather sectarian and narrow approach to other individuals
and organizations."  Shouldn't he first find out what my
group affiliations are? Or are we back in the McCarthy period
with guilt by real or imagined association? Arguments on this
level are leading me to conclude that perhaps it is time to
reconsider my affiliations.

Erwin Marquit

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