Lumpen intelligentsia?

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Mon Jun 26 00:45:16 MDT 1995

On Mon, 26 Jun 1995, Justin Schwartz wrote:

> I'm not sure why anyone bothers replying to Jim J., given the rather
> typical character of the outburst below.

	God, you OOZE bourgeois sneakiness... It's people like you who
are wasting everybody's time here.

	I think this 'reply' to Burford's bizarre attack on me goes pretty
far in proving my later point...

He wouldn't know an argument if
> it bit him in the ass.

	TRY me.

> I think we should let his contributions pass over
> in dignified

	'Dignity' really matters to you, doesn't it?? (I mean the
philistine kind...). How convenient for you not to have to deal with what
I have to say -- when your like isn't busy ATTACKING me. YOU are the ones
busily stirring things up here. Pretty hypocritical.

	LET me point out again that YOUR reply here is in regard to MY
reply to an INCREDIBLY stupid and INSULTING post by Chris Burford -- as if
his TOTALLY inane diatribe has _nothing_ to do with it. YOU would not be
posting THIS to me, if Burford had kept his BIG YOB shut...

	What an INCREDIBLE waste of bandwidth -- but not for you, who
obviously has a petty little agenda here... You're really trying to
manipulate this whole thing to suck the censors in, aren't you?? You're
probably smugly sure what'll take place then, arencha??

	This is exactly the kind of behaviour 'agents provocateur' engage
in. You're VERY good at it. (you want innuendo??)

 (or other) silence until and unless he thinks of something
> intelligent to say.

	Ya -- why don't you just hit the delete key when I say something
YOU don't like..??

> I hope he gets a job soon.

	A PRETTY bourgeois thing to say -- notice how my replies are
tailored to the scurrility of the attacks. No swearwords here...

	P.S.: In some objective sense, people who don't bother to edit
their replies are 'missing' some essential point of being online -- as if
that matters to some here...


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