Leo Casey, Stalinism, and the Canadian CP

Jim Jaszewski ab975 at main.freenet.hamilton.on.ca
Mon Jun 26 00:56:24 MDT 1995

On Mon, 26 Jun 1995 marquit at physics.spa.umn.edu wrote:

> The level of the discussion on the Canadian CP by Leo
> Casey and Jim Jaszewski degenerates to what can only be
> called the old anti-Communism.

	Not really. I'm a communist too, but one thing I noted strongly
about the old stalinists is that they had trouble accepting anybody as
communist who didn't agree with their party line...

 Rather than deal with
> discussion of programmic issues, which is what we should
> be disucussing here, they raise the frightening term
> "Stalinism" and seem to think that if they can repeat
> often enough they win the argument.

	Stalinism is a very real problem with your party (of which I was a
member for a VERY short time). You are STILL practicing 'denial' on the
subject, apparently...

> Jim Jaszewski seems to think that he can answer my plea for
> dealing with programmic issues by condemning my "group's
> rather sectarian and narrow approach to other individuals
> and organizations."

	I believe this started with your unfair backhand at Hewison and
the other 'reformers'...

  Shouldn't he first find out what my
> group affiliations are? Or are we back in the McCarthy period
> with guilt by real or imagined association?

	Hey, you've made it quite clear you are with the 'Official'
Communist Party of Canada -- the pride of Bill Kashtan. What am I guilty
of insinuating (or are you pulling a Justin/Chris on me??) :>

 Arguments on this
> level are leading me to conclude that perhaps it is time to
> reconsider my affiliations.



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