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hi andy...
revolutionary socialist network...
has a steering committee that meets monthly. The RSN came out
of a conference held by the the Bristol Marxist Forum and
Somerset Community defence campaign two years ago. The idea
was to assemble all the groups that on the one hand had a
revolutionary stance but on the other did not see themselves
as the next boslhevik kanguard party and were fed up fo the sterilw
tradition of sectarianism generated by multiple vanguard grouplets.

The RSN has had three or four conferences..small affairs of about
70 people from about 15 groups. The convenore is a guy who lives in
Wigan called Tony Taylor...I'll e-mail you his address when I get it.
Tony is part of a marxist group that have operated in UNISON.
Other participants have included Flux (nottingham), Critique
(Glasgow) and New Inteventions people. The range is of traditions
represented is considerble including council communists, ultra-lefts,
republicans, anarchists of various hue etc etc.

I think another conference is planned soon. And a newsletter was
being discussed but I do not know if this has happened. Unfortunately,
the Bristol Marxist Forum hasn't been able to find anybody to regularly
attend the meetings although the BMF is still going strong.

The RSN is not unlike the excellent Open Polemic project, although
OP comne more from a CP root and RSN more from a libertarian marxist/trot
root. However, Open Polemic's journal has (to my mind) been
invaluable. Both RSN and Open Polemic emphasise the sterile
nature of vanguardism and the need for fundamental discussion.

I hope this helps although I know its a bit vague. I'll
send you Tony Taylors address so you can get the latest
state of play from the horses mouth. What is your group,
what are you numbers, how did you split from the SWP?

all the best...will

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