stalinism and leninism

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Mon Jun 26 20:16:07 MDT 1995

Hi, I have tried to follow the animatous debat about stalinism in CPC,of
which I don't
know anything, remembering the same charges that little comunist groups
therw each other ,in Italy in '70s years, before disappear that all.
I thing, without third international and especially the driver role of URSS,
naming someone stalinist is only a invective, like sectarious or bloody
purificator which don't help to improve the debat but close it for ever.
Too far is my conception of policy from Stalin to defend his operate which
is, however,
strongly jointed to history of Russia like imperial power.
Different is for me the value of leninism still actual.
Many times I thing Lenin has been studied much more by capitalist political
man then us.
Mussolini certainly studied his conception of party to win.
I believe a comunist party must be leninist or isn't because workers and
proletarian need a determined drive towards which having full trust.
Recently italian PRC breaks in two sides about mean to combact the right:
some deputies
voted in support of government DINI ( man of FMI) against decision of CC and
they have forsaked the party to support project of Romano Prodi to contend
Berlusconi in next
election like leader of central-left rank.
It is a good for party which is stronger and nearer interess of workers'
class and at last it can try a clear identity.

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