Ayn Rand a fascist?

James Devine JDevine at lmumail.lmu.edu
Mon Jun 26 14:52:58 MDT 1995

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Maybe this is naive, but what _is_ a "fascist"? Marxists see
fascism as a societal phenomenon (a violent way to defend
capitalism, when that system is in severe crisis), but that
definition can't fit an individual or her ideology.  Wilhelm
Reich (before he went off the deep end) saw fascism as a certain
kind of "mass psychology." Maybe that perspective would help. Or
what about Umberto Eco's definition in the recent NEW YORK REVIEW

I doubt that Ayn Rand was a "fascist," but she sure was an
ideological lunk-head, producing a "libertarian" distorted
mirror-image of the stalinist "Marxism" that she learned. (She
and her followers aped left sectarianism, too.)  And look at her
attitude toward people with physical disabilities in THE

Rand seems a petty-bourgeois version of Nietzsche, promoting
Babbitt as Superman. Hardly a libertarian, either. Her
"libertarianism" promotes the liberty of corporations and capital

for socialism from below,

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