"marxism", "dialectics" and "science" -Reply

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Mon Jun 26 17:04:24 MDT 1995

On Mon, 26 Jun 1995, Lisa Rogers wrote:

> Louis' list of "the themes of quasi-Marxism" did resonate with some
> of my views, but mostly it seems to be to be a list of questions,
> when restated.  These questions are very interesting to me.  Some of
> them have been addressed on the list, some have not.  Some I think I
> have a reasonable handle on, many I don't.
> What makes planned economies good or bad?
> How does market socialism work, i.e. how is it done and what are the
> results and why?
> Can dialectics be explained so that it doesn't sound like
> mumbo-jumbo, or its usefulness is demonstrated to me, or I can apply
> it to concrete problems I wish to address?
> Is the LTV flawed?  In what way?  What are the criteria for any
> theory of value "working"?  In terms of achieving some goal?  Which
> goal?
> What is postmodernism?
> How will I know if Austrians should be disregarded, when I don't even
> know what they say?  (Not just because somebody tells me so!)

Louis Proyect:
You have exactly the right attitude. Stay away from the SWP unless you
want your brain to rot. There is no detour around the questions posed
above. I have read Alec Nove, Lyotard and will get around to Popper and
the Analytic Marxists sooner or later. The questions posed by all of
these folks is intimately tied up with the contradictions of late
capitalism. Marxism can only grow and develop by contending with them and
moving forward.

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