left and right swings

James Devine JDevine at lmumail.lmu.edu
Mon Jun 26 18:05:19 MDT 1995

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Scott Marshall says:>> I'm sure the particulars of the left/right odessy is
often as you describe it. The classlessness of the process you describe
fits perfectly with my point. <<

I wasn't meaning to contradict what you said.

>>I have not often seen this process with shopworkers or trade unionists
because their convictions are most often rooted in their very being as
workers. They have no choice to rant "the workers aren't listening to what
I'm saying even though...etc." <<

Yeah, but they can be betrayed by the left organization's leaders or suffer
due to other disasters.  My point is that one reason why leftists sometimes
become rightists can be left sectarianism. Even more, I'm trying to say
that "every day life" involves more than class, even if class ends up being
most important in the end.

>>BTW I don't take noting this to be a negative. In times of great working
class upsurge and fightback (such as I believe we are entering now) the
working class exerts greater appeal and influence on the middle

I hope your belief is right, since we need an upsurge badly. What signs do
you see?

for socialism from below,

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Los Angeles, CA (the city of emphysema)

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