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Mon Jun 26 18:30:52 MDT 1995

Hi again --

In case you haven't heard otherwise, the M/E site was restored at
Colorado edu. The old URL -- -- will
once again whisk you off to the world of Karl and Fred.

Indeed, you will find a few new treats: ascii copies of Engels' _Origin
of the Family, et al_ (1884), Marx's _18th Bruamire of Louis Napoleon_
(1852), and a big whack of Marx and Engels articles from their Cologne
newspaper _Neue Rheinische Zeitung_ (1848-9). Oh ya... also _The Housing
Question_ (1872), a series of article Engels wrote on Germany's housing
crisis in industrial cities, as the proletarian ranks swelled.

My _sincerest_ thank yous and appreciation to all you who took an interest
in this brief affair. (And there were very many of you!)

A few people have offered to help set up a series of mirror sites around
the world.

Here is how the thing should theoretically work: from a central site, new
works will be added, including new art work. A series of satellite sites
will use mirroring software to update their locales every fortnight or
so. The Archive will feature a stylized map of the world (already made...
with two lonely little dots on it :). When a person logs in to any
Archive site, they can find this map, click on the dot closest to them,
and use the URL resources at the (closer) machine. This decentralizes
communications, making it more secure and places less stress on a central
site -- which is only used for convenience of work. It also promotes
international community.

All Marx/Engels ideas are internationalist to their core, so they and the
net seem a perfect fit. By developing such a telecommunicational tactic,
it should be impossible for any one set of authorities to ever again be
able to unilaterally prevent people from accessing this material for free.
If you'd like to be part of this process, please speak up.

Any further ideas are more than welcome.

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