Please Unsub*scribe till September 1995

Mon Jun 26 12:23:52 MDT 1995

hi guys:

i'm off to india and shan't be able to telnet w/ any degree of ease...
therefore please unsu*bscribe me from the marxism list till 7 September,
1995 or until you hear from me again, whichever is convenient for the
list moderators.

Fyi, i had made the original sub*scription request from a different
account, namely, BMATHEW at VMS.CIS.PITT.EDU... now that account is suspended
and mail forwarding is set to MATHEW at ENIGMA.RIDER.EDU and unread messages
from this very live and kicking list shall hog my account and possibly
cause me problems upon my return.

lisa and howie pl see if u can help me with this.

thanks a bunch,

biju mathew

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