left and right swings

Scott Marshall Scott at rednet.org
Mon Jun 26 20:06:45 MDT 1995

Jim Asks:

>I hope your belief is right, since we need an upsurge badly. What signs do
>you see?


Actually there are many signs but just a few of my favorites:

1) Attended a rally and march of @4000 trade unionists in Decatur Illinois
in the "Class War Zone" yesterday. High degree of anti-corporate sentiment
and growing recognition of class reflected in speeches etc. Very conscious
effort to reject racism and chauvanism. No fear of the left.

2) Ditto a 3000 strong march in chicago for jobs sponsored by Jobs with

3) Week spent in Ohio, where Gus Hall, chair of the CPUSA was treated as a
returning hero by the steelworkers union and many other trade union forces.
Pretty incredible, invited to speak at the local union he organized in 1937
in the 'Little Steel' strike. Standing ovation when he was introduced and
again when he concluded. He was swamped at the end of the meeting by those
wanting to shake his hand and ask questions. Quite a few joined the party on
the spot. (We are recruiting new members across the country) Anti-communism
is very much in decline as workers respond to the crisis.

4) The battle taking place in the AFL-CIO.

5) The number of fightback actions around the 'Contract'.

6) Some growing militancy not only in labor but in oppressed communities.

It also seems to me that the ultra right is losing some of it's momentum -
the 'Contract' mentality is losing steam.

Like I say just a few indicators, but I'm seeing increased determination and
anti-corporate sentiment everywhere I go. There is a little less hangdogism
on the left. The period of pessimistic agnosticism may be in decline.

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