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Tue Jun 27 05:40:29 MDT 1995

On Mon, 26 Jun 1995, Paul_Cockshott wrote:

> It is possible that you did not get a reply
> to your point on Sraffa because a guy called
> Alan Freeman had recently made very similar
> points at somewhat greater length. It does
> not necessarily mean that people did not agree
> with your point.

	It wasn't so much a point (though I hoped to force the question a
bit), as it was an attempt to get a 'crash course' in what seems to be the
most serious challenge to Marx's theories. Thus the 'Sraffa 101'

	I haven't been here long, so I missed, in its entirety, what
you're alluding to above.

	As Buckminster Fuller used to demonstrate, repetition clarifies
difficult subjects. I'm hoping you guys won't mind going over this all
over again..!!


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