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Jim Jaszewski ab975 at main.freenet.hamilton.on.ca
Tue Jun 27 05:53:20 MDT 1995

On Mon, 26 Jun 1995, Lisa Rogers wrote:

> Some would say, lets clean up the air and the housing, both.  Another
> says, well AIDS is killing more people than lead is, but what about
> alcohol, and tobacco?  Now we're talking about people doing things to
> hurt themselves, and should they have the right to do so?  (I say
> yes, but it shouldn't be subsidized and advertized.)  But I digress.

	In a perfect demonstration of bourgeois capitalist logic, the
Canadian courts have just paved the way for hard liquor advertising to

	The argument was that since beer and wine were still being
advertised, it was 'discriminatory' to ban hard liquor ads..!!

	OBVIOUSLY the REAL solution would be to ban 'em all -- but then
the Seagrams mafia has the Liberals in their pocket and I don't...

	Phillip Morris can't be far behind...


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