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Jim Jaszewski ab975 at
Tue Jun 27 06:02:27 MDT 1995

On Mon, 26 Jun 1995, James Devine wrote:

> Jim Jaszewski wrote an ill-tempered little slam at pen-l because
> no-one there responded to his piece "Sraffa 101." I don't think
> pen-l deserves the insults, whatever its other problems may be.
> I remember reading the piece and generally agreed with it. I
> didn't have anything to say, so I didn't say anything. And I'm
> (in)famous as an over-contributor to pen-l! He should slam the
> Sraffians for not defending themselves, not the whole of pen-l.
> In the interests of rational discussion, I wish that Jim would
> restrain his language, in general.

	I don't think my post was at ALL as you portray it, and frankly it
would've been better if you'd just held your tongue, as it makes you
appear to be guilty of what you accuse me of.

	And I think the POINT of my post was to ASK for clarification --
a point you obviously missed...


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