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Tue Jun 27 14:22:10 MDT 1995

>The unleading of gasoline is a significant part of a solution to the
>problem of environmental contamination by lead.  Lead is a seriously
>toxic substance.  Reduced use of lead in gasoline has made a
>difference in the many, many tons of breathable lead which were put
>into the atmosphere, settled onto roadside farm crops, ran off into
>waterways, etc.
>>>> aniello margiotta <amargiotta at synapsis.it>  6/23/95, 02:06pm >>>
>(snip) I thing but I am not the only one, unlead gasoline is a
>scientific and industrial scandal to sell smoke devices and less
>octane gasoline counterfeiting it like ecological solution. (snip)

What can I reply, Lisa? Pay attention when enviromental problem are solved
by the same economical groups which create it.Energy is power and cars
market is strategical, so it's very difficult make clearness on many points.
Generally the control and production of energy, the political choice upon fuels
and research upon fuels and alternative energetical sources is an important
field of
struggle for left; the Green parties in west-Germany and Italy increased
with their strong struggles against pollution like political problem:stop
the costruction of new nuclear centrals and let close those one open has
been a great political victory.
URSS and east european countries made maybe less than western against
pollution and this was an unpardonable limit of their policy.
The history of the world is a continuous struggle for energetical
provisioning and
economical control of it by imperialist power, since slaves trade to Gulf war.
Gulf war was made for control of petroleum, civil war in Yemen too ; mexican
crack help US controlling mexican petroleum; third world can never develope
because it have no real control on energy sources in own country: Venezuela,
Nigeria for istance. Italian magistracy has reopen the investigation of
Enrico Mattei's death on 1964, boss of italian petroleum company ENI, maybe
killed for his attempt to broke power of Seven Sisters; Gheddafi is hated
for his autonomous energetical policy.
Why do capitalist countries invest billions in controlled nuclear fusion
in ecological renewable sources ?
I thing for having the greatest weapon of energetical control forgetting how
it is easy trasform the earth in a big star.

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