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Try P.M.'s bolo'bolo.  More anarchist than socialist, really, but quite

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> Has anybody got recomendations of books
> describing socialist utopias? Two I have read
> 'Woman on the edge of time' by Marge Piercy
> and 'The Dispossessed' by Ursula Le Gwin
> are both inspiring and politically interesting.
> They explore the economic, political and sexual relationships
> of communist society. They are deeply revolutionary
> in their sentiment. I wish these novels were more
> widely read - they are both 9inspirational
> and profound. Are there others like them?
> Do others think such work is relevant to the
> struggle? Or is it irrelevant (perhaps petit bourgoies?)
> fantasising? Should we restrict our reading to the
> collected works of Marx and Lenin?
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