Leo Casey, Stalinism, and the Canadian CP

marquit at physics.spa.umn.edu marquit at physics.spa.umn.edu
Tue Jun 27 09:36:41 MDT 1995

Unfortunately, Scott Solomon is fibbing again. There was no change
in the course description that said anything about no purposes of

The comment on whether or not I have a PhD has no business on
a conference. Things like that should be sent by private mail,
not public posts. It is not the purpose of this conference
to expose people who pose as having PhDs but do not actually
have them.  I admit that I do not have a PhD. My degree is
Doctor of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Univ. of Warsaw.
The title of my dissertation is something like "Proton-Proton
Elastic Scattering at 24 GeV/c." If Scott wishes to read it,
he should try interlibrary loan.

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