lamark and darwin -Reply

Tue Jun 27 10:17:29 MDT 1995

Paul, this is most excellent!  And you speak my language, what a
relief, like suddenly hearing a few words of english when I was
stranded alone in the Bucharest train station.

This is exactly the kind of thing I wanted as something approaching
the support of Lamarckism.  And when I was thinking about the first
question I had, you addressed it already with your remark about
excluding the possibility of a general rise in mutation rate.

I will look this up, [but not because I expect to find that it
overturns all Darwinian evolution.]

Thanks for the post,

>>> Paul_Cockshott <wpc at>  6/27/95, 02:41am >>>
The most serious 'Lamarkinan' data comes from experiments over the
last few years with  cultures of mutant e-coli grown under
nutritionally marginal conditions.

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