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Tue Jun 27 03:59:53 MDT 1995

Thanks to the MANY folks who responded with information
about journals that publish articles of interest to
heterodox economists (of all stripes).

For your information, the list of journals is below.

As can be seen, there are actually lots of journals that
are of interest. Many of these I have not heard of before.
Some, of course, occasionally print articles of interest,
but not necessarily in every issue.

In the first issue of Review of Heterodox Economics I
will present a list of contents for those journal I was
able to contact. (I've got the contents for about
8 journals now). Due to time and money constraints,
there will NOT be abstracts of published articles in
the first issue. Perhaps in later issues there will be
a full listing by SUBJECT of the articles appearing
in these journals.

(An ad for RHE appears at the end--RHE is
currently FREE!)

I know I've overlooked yet other journals. If you know of
others, would you mind sending me:
	-the name of the journal
	-the name(s) of the editor(s)
	-e-mail address of editor (best of all)



1. Antipode (this is a radical geography journal but has econ-like
2. Banca Nazionale del Lavoro Quarterly Review
3. Cambridge Journal of Economics
4. Capital and Class
5. Capitalism, Nature, Socialism
6. Cahiers d'economie politique
7. Competition and Change: The Journal of
	Global Business and Political Economy
8. Development
9. Development and Change
10. Dollars and Sense
11.The Ecologist (possibly some articles of interest)
12. Economia, Teoria y Practica
13. Economie Appliquee
14. Economies et Societes
15. Economic Geography
16. Economic Notes
17. Economics and Philosophy
18. Economics & Politics
19. Economy and Society
20. Economie and Appliquee
21. Economies et Societes
22. Feminist Economics
23. Feminist Review (sometimes relevant articles)
24. International Contributions to Labour Studies
25. International Journal of Political Economy
26.International Journal of Urban and Regional Research
27. International Papers in Political Economy
28. International Review of Applied Economics
29. Journal of Australian Political Economy
30. Journal of Economic Issues
31. Journal of Economic Methodology (?)
32. Journal of Economics (formally Zeitschrift fuer Nationaloekonomie)
33. Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics
34. Journal of Post Keynesian Economics
35. Journal of World-Systems Research (this is an electronic journal
	available at gopher:\\\wsystems\journals\)
36. Kyklos (sometimes)
37. Links - International Journal of Socialist Renewal
38. Metroeconomica (Italy)
39. Monthly Review
40. Nature, Society, and Thought (sometimes?)
41. New Left Review
42. New Political Economy
43. Peace Economics
44. Peace, Science and Public Policy
45. PlusValore (mostly in Italian)
46. Politics and Society
47. Recherches economiques de Louvain (some heterodox stuff)
48. Research in Political Economy
49. Rethinking Marxism
50. Review: Journal of the Fernand Braudel Center
	for the Study of Economics, Historical Systems,
	and Civilizations
51. Review of International Political Economy
52. Review of Political Economy
53. Review of Radical Political Economics
54. Review of Social Economy
55. Ricerche Economiche
56. Signs (sometimes relevant articles)
57. Society and Space (aka, Environment and Planning D)
58. Science and Society
59. Social Concept
60. Social Research
61. Sviluppo (Italian)
62. Structural Change and Economic Dynamics (some heterodox stuff)
63. Studi economici
64. Studies in Political Economy
65. Transformation: Marxist Boundary Work in Theory,
	Economics, Politics and Culture
66. World Development (some articles of heterodox variety)

There are also, I know, many other journals published in languages other
than English. Plus a number of people have suggested that journals in other
disiplines (sociology, anthropology, political science, etc) have journals
that publish material by "non-economists" that is good
heterodox economics.

ad follows
New Publication for Radical, Marxist, Feminist,
Institutionalist, and Post-Keynesian Economists

The Review of Heterodox Economics is a quarterly
newsletter dedicated to the interchange of ideas among
heterodox economists.  It will contain a listing of the
contents of current heterodox journals, and abstracts of
working papers and dissertation projects that have not
yet been published.

There is a growing volume of heterodox work, but
it is hard to keep track of the many journals that
publish such work. Further, there is a large
volume of interesting work exists in working paper
form long before it is ever published in a journal.

The goal of Review of Heterodox Economics is to make
available information about published heterodox research
and reserarch that is still in progress. It intends to be
as inclusive as possible.

To subscribe or to submit a working paper abstract, contact
(preferably by e-mail):
     	Eric Nilsson
	Department of Economics
	California State University
	San Bernardino, CA 92407
	enilsson at

Eric Nilsson
Department of Economics
California State University
San Bernardino, CA 92407
enilsson at

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