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Doug Henwood wrote:

>Or this even more recent report, which I just culled from another list:
>>It was reported last week (I believe 6/19/95) in one of the major Seattle
>>newspapers, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (PI) on Page 1, that a squad of
>>U.S. Army Rangers flew into El Salvador in 1985 and murdered everybody at
>>what was considered a guerilla base there. According to the story, the
>>U.S. soldiers of this mission were told to kill every resident there, to
>>make sure there were no survivors. They "succeeded" and killed 83 men and
>>women. This mass murder was in reprisal, revenge, for the killing of four
>>U.S. military advisors to the Salvadoran military, who were killed while
>>eating at a cafe in San Salvador.
>Is a country that can do these things better or worse than the Brezhnev USSR?

I'm not going to touch the rhetorical question, but I did want more
information about the incident and thought that some of you might also.  By
chance I found the following in a Usenet newsgroup:

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>>     1. Draft Resister Jailed in Colombia
>>     2. CIA Involvement Revealed in Honduras
>>     3. US Troops Killed 83 Salvadorans in 1985 Revenge Strike
>>     4. Exhumation Blocked in Guatemala
>>     5. Mexico: Tabasco Election "Bomb"
>>     6. Mexican Scandals: the Brothers Salinas and Ruiz Massieu
>>     7. More Mexico: La Quina, Peace Talks
>>     8. Bomb Kills 29 in Colombia
>>     9. Chilean Army Still Dodging Arrests
>>    10. Amnesty Approved for Peru Military
>>    11. Cuba News Roundup: Vesco, Rightwingers & Archbishop
>>    12. Dominican Republic: Government Official Shoots Protesters
>>    13. In Other News: Nicaragua, Ecuador, Uruguay, Veneuzuela,
>>        Argentina, Haiti
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>[text deleted]
>>An article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer has revealed that in
>>1985 an elite airborne squad of 11 US Rangers from Fort Lewis in
>>Washington state was dispatched on a top secret mission to murder
>>83 Salvadoran guerrilla combatants in a nighttime raid. The
>>Rangers were not given any background on the mission and did not
>>even know what country they were taken to or who their targeted
>>victims were; they were not allowed to wear uniforms or any form
>>of military identification. After sliding down a rope from a
>>helicopter into a guerrilla camp, the Rangers fulfilled their
>>mission in about 12 minutes: they killed everyone in the camp, 83
>>people. Civilians taking part in the raid then gathered up
>>documents and supervised the fingerprinting of each body while
>>some of the Rangers destroyed the rebels' weapons and explosives.
>>[Seattle Post-Intelligencer 6/15/95]
>>The new revelations come just a few weeks after the television
>>news program 60 Minutes reported that as many as 5,000 US
>>military personnel served in dozens of combat operations in El
>>Salvador. 60 Minutes focused on the soldiers' demand for official
>>recognition of their combat role; the US government and the
>>Pentagon still claim that US forces only trained their Salvadoran
>>counterparts and never participated in any direct combat actions,
>>which were prohibited by mandate of the US Congress. [Committee
>>in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES) Press
>>Release 6/15/95]


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