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James Garrett james at
Tue Jun 27 14:43:05 MDT 1995

  I have been receiving the list for a couple of weeks now and feel that I
would now like to participate. I am a beginning graduate student studying
English and became interested in Marxism and Marxian Criticism in a class
on protest literature of the 1930s.

Some questions which I think this list will help answer are:

1. What is Marxist literature? Is it literature written by Marxists? literature
   written by the proletariate? literature that promotes Marxist themes and
   ideas? (I'm reading Terry Eagleton right now, but any information is always

2. How does the average worker escape the lure of the "American Dream," and if
   a Communist Utopia is an inevitability that probably will not be realized
   in that worker's lifetime, how is that worker motivated to support a
   revolution that will yield no fruit for him or her?  The point of view of
   this question may be bourgeois, but human nature seems to have a "what's in
   it for me" attitude.

3. How do Marxists and Marxist thinkers (especially poeple who publish for a
   living) resolve the apparent contradiction of the commodification of their
   work?  Can the overthrow of capitalism be brought about by capitalistic

If some of these questions seem simplistic or obvious, please forgive me: I am
new to Marxism and wish to learn more.

James Garrett
james at

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