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Tue Jun 27 14:58:49 MDT 1995

Rahul, my friend, keep your hands off my field.  Pop-biol is often
crap too, esp. on any issue of controvery.  The state of general
knowledge of biology and evolution that has been evident on this
list, for example, is highly variable, and probably comes from
various sources.  Luckily, you and I are here to set everyone
straight.... (is there a cybersign/e-word for intentional irony? oh,
[deadpan] or howabout

Anybody, I'm still interested in suggestions for my science or
speculations about future science, which have concrete implications
for what I actually investigate, how I do it, how I report it, etc,
or how it will be different after the revolution.  Do I need to offer
a specific example of a question or topic in hunter-gatherer
production to work this out?

Lisa Rogers

>>> Rahul Mahajan <rahul at>  6/15/95, 09:05pm >>>
.... The material is so difficult and the state of popular writing so
execrable that you simply cannot learn enough physics to talk
seriously about it unless you really learn it -- i.e., do all that
math. In biology, for example, there is much detailed knowledge
necessary as a source of examples, or to understand things in detail,
but a layman can (by reading moderately technical stuff like
Scientific American) pick up a general understanding of many things
(perhaps excluding some molecular biology)....

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