Socialist Utopia

Matt D. afn02065 at
Tue Jun 27 16:18:07 MDT 1995

James Devine writes:

>I think socialist utopianism has a positive
>role to play, as did Marx and Lenin. On the latter, I
>don't know what to call THE STATE AND REVOLUTION but a
>utopia.  On the former, Ruth Levitas (in THE CONCEPT OF
>UTOPIA) writes that "The real dispute between Marx and
>Engels and the utopian socialists is not about the merit
>of goals or of images of the future but about the process
>of transformation, and particularly about the belief that
>propaganda alone would result in the realization of
>socialism" (p. 35).

A friend of mine described the theory of utopian socialism as: "If you build
it, they will come."  :)

-- Matt D.

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