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On Mon, 26 Jun 1995, Juan Inigo wrote:

> Some time ago Ralph Dumain claimed that my ideas "must be stopped". Now
> Rahul brings down the question to a "dismiss". They personify the social
> necessity of accepting that the methodological form taken by science as a
> concrete form of the alienated consciousness that sees itself as an
> abstractly free consciousness must be its natural form, to the extreme of
> preferring not even to be faced with the dialectical critique of the forms
> of science as an historical product.

	It does appear that there is far too much acceptance of the
bourgeois way of thinking in this list, as if Marx has to 'prove' himself
over and over again. Some would then say my attitude, thus expressed, is
one of a 'true believer'.

	I think the attitude you are battling above is one of the BEST
examples of why this criticism is totally missing the point...

	I liked what you had to say in your post, but I have the feeling
this will have to be gone over again and again...


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