The Hermeneutics of Closed and Open Minds (was "Leo Casey...")

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Tue Jun 27 22:05:17 MDT 1995

On Tue, 27 Jun 1995, Doug Henwood wrote:

> As with the word fascist, the word Stalinism should also be used with
> historical and theoretical specificity. It should not be applied to the
> entire pre-Gorby history of the USSR, nor should it be applied to the CPUSA
> before or after the 1930s. Brezhnev was not a Stalinist, no more than Ayn
> Rand was a fascist.

	This is what we are going to have to get clear. What IS stalinism?
What IS fascism?

	It's hard for me not to see Brezhnev as EXACTLY that: a stalinist.
Same in Rand's case. Not that I want to quibble, but if you insist that
stalinism is only pre-Khrushchev, then what is post? Mightn't we call it
NEO-stalinism (since you reasonably want to make the distinction and keep
it clear)??

	If the only difference here is the one between 'fascism' and
'neo-fascism', then by all means, let's use the term neofascist to
describe Rand -- since she CERTAINLY was an enemy of democracy, at least
as I understand it...


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