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On Tue, 27 Jun 1995, Ron Press wrote:

> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> From: Jim Jaszewski
> 	Personally, I tend towards the mass party side, as being
> INHERENTLY more democratic -- not to mention 'communistic'...
> For myself the two concepts, a centralised vanguard party and a
> mass party are merely tow side of the same coin. One must have
> both. It is a question of balance.

	Obviously, the present 'working class' will continue to be at the
mercy of capitalist propaganda -- er, 'advertising', indefinitely,
without some conscious group shouting from the sidelines at them to wake up.

	How much of this has to be actual Leninist vanguard-ism is more in
question, to me. It would seem a mass party would perform most, if not all
of those functions of instruction and consciousness raising...

	'Other' functions, I'm not so clear on..

> However the same balance must be applied to the various
> organisations of the people. There must be a government but there
> must be independent organisations which criticise and control that
> government.

	Absolutely vital for socialist democracy.

> In the USSR both these balances were destroyed. Too much
> centralism in the party and too little power to the organisations
> of the people.

	Or concrete example for decades to come...   :<


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