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aniello margiotta amargiotta at synapsis.it
Wed Jun 28 09:39:42 MDT 1995

>I can't reflect on it when I don't know what it is.  I'm interested
>enough to ask, would someone like to explain?  How do thermodynamics
>and kinetic equilibrium "regulate" nature, and what is dialectical
>about it?  Is this something that "science" is missing, in your view?
>Lisa Rogers,
>student of evolutionary/ecological biology and anthropology

The II principium of thermodinamic affirm entropy of isulated system like
always increase so it cannot be in equilibrium while the termodinamic
equilibrium of
a no-isolated system is reached when free energy is constant while it is
trasform all energy in work for entropic factor.
Kinetic equilibrium of a chemical no-isolated system is a dinamic
equilibrium ruled
by pressure, temperature and concentration of reagents and always a system
defend its
equilibrium condition by external influence modifing its parameters.
I consider dialectic how a no-isolated system defend its equilibrium inside
a universe which naturally move towards a no-equilibrium steady because
entropy must increase and with it the caos.
I hope reply you satisfactory.

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