Socialist Party of Great Britain?

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Wed Jun 28 15:18:50 MDT 1995

Louis Proyect says

I am reading David Pepper's "Eco-socialism" and he makes a number of
references to the Socialist Party of Great Britain (SPGB). Can any of the
English comrades tell me something about the politics of this group?

This is brief and off the top of my head Louis...
if you get nothing more I'll dig some stuff out for you.
The SPGB are an extremely long lived survivor of the
splits in the 2nd International. They were formed
about 1908 (bit of a guess). I think they opposed
both the vanguardism of Lenin and the reformism
of Bernstein. Their thing is that a revolutionary
overthrow of capitalism by the working class
is neccessary but will only happen with the informed and
active support of the majority of the working class.
So they are very into socialist education and discount
nostrums about correct leadership unlocking the
revolutionary door.

They are a very small group now, often the children of
previous members. They don't have much to do
with the rest of the left.

I know this is incomplete but I hope it isn't
wildly inaccurate...but don't
count on it...
will brown  bristol   england

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