The Hermeneutics of Closed and Open Minds (was "Leo Casey...")

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At 12:05 AM 6/28/95, Jim Jaszewski wrote:

>        It's hard for me not to see Brezhnev as EXACTLY that: a stalinist.
>Same in Rand's case. Not that I want to quibble, but if you insist that
>stalinism is only pre-Khrushchev, then what is post? Mightn't we call it
>NEO-stalinism (since you reasonably want to make the distinction and keep
>it clear)??

Were there mass imprisonments, mass purges, mass executions in the USSR in
the 1970s? Of course, Brezhnev's USSR was hardly a model of free expression
and democratic self-rule, but neither is Yeltsin's Russia. Is Yeltsin a

Rand's temperament may have been authoritarian, but her antistatism makes
her anti-fascist by the very definition of fascism.

I feel like that line in A.R. Ammons' poem "Sphere," where he conjures up
Matthew Arnold jumping out of the bushes to remind us to preserve the
essential distinctions...



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