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Wed Jun 28 11:01:59 MDT 1995

My man in Minneapolis also has some fond memories of Cde. Marquit:

     I too recall that, in the quarter after you took Marquit's
     introduction to "Marxism," a later version of the advertisement for the
     course carried a caveat about it not being for the purpose of
     "discussion." The U of M has microfilm copies of The Minnesoat Daily
     from back then; I'll see if I can dig up the exact word change.

     I also remember taking the course myself before meeting up with the
     Trotskyists. (It was winter quarter, 1987, I think.) Marquit brought in
     a small taperecorder to one class session and played a tape in which
     one could hear people singing "When the Saints Go Marching In."
     Apparently the singing had occurred late one night on some plaza in
     East Germany. Marquit called this proof that East Germany was not the
     cold, oppressive place we might believe it to be. He also brought
     in a group of three lawyers (bureacrats) from East Germany. (I
     remember asking one of them how people there were motivaed to take
     on jobs such as garbage collection. He just rubbed his thumb and finger
     together--cash.) Marquit and his wife took students on annual tours
     of East Germany. Marquit loved East Germany.

     I remember I asked Marquit after class one day if, in light of the
     pervasiveness of anti-communist literature in this country, he would
     recommend any books on the history of the Soviet Union. He told me he
     knew of only one book in English worth reading--one written in the
     '30s by Beatrice and Sidney Webb.

     I'm sure you'll recall how Marquit used to sell HIS book as part of the
     required reading for the course. In a nut shell, the book was a
     rambling description and defense of (what Marquit called) the
     "CRISIS-FREE" economies of the countries of the Eastern Bloc. He used
     the book for several years--even AFTER the Eastern Bloc imploded. I
     have no idea why Marquit continued to push that book. He didn't need
     the money. (Marquit owns a huge house.)

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