The Hermeneutics of Closed and Open Minds (was "Leo Casey...")

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Wed Jun 28 16:06:19 MDT 1995

At 12:17 PM 6/28/95, Andy Daitsman wrote:

>This on the other hand begs the question.  At least from my perspective,
>Stalinism isn't the fact of bloodthirsty repression, it's a system of
>exclusionary political organization.  Now, if you were to argue that Yeltsin
>governs over a one-party state in which the party claims to be the sole
>source of all true knowledge (I know, I know, it's a real short-hand, hardly
>scientific definition of Stalinism, but it's better than the options you
>suggest), then we could judge if that argument were true and make an
>informed determination of whether or not he was a Stalinist.

It serves no useful purpose to label all of Soviet history & society by one
man's name. It's an epithet, not a mode of analysis.



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