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Wed Jun 28 20:42:11 MDT 1995

Two pieces of random errata:

1.  Erwin Marquit and his comrades at the Marxist Educational
Press were among those who left the Communist Party USA to
establish the Committees of Correspondence.  Their opposition to
the CP leadership was on grounds of internal democracy and the
need for a clarification of marxist theory for the struggles
ahead of us.  Perhaps the fact that many leading members of the
CoC have a conspicuous urge to follow the trajectory of the CP's
popular frontism into some sort of lukewarm social democracy
gives people an erroneous impression of the group as a whole.

2.   I'm pretty sure that it was Samuel Butler's _Erewhon_ which
William Morris' _News from Nowhere_ was intended as a rebuttal to
rather than _Looking Backward_.  (I remember reading _Looking
Backward_ in junior high school and getting a clear picture of
what kind of society I *didn't* want.)

Tom Condit

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