Cheapening the Holocaust

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Wed Jun 28 21:35:32 MDT 1995

On Wed, 28 Jun 1995, zodiac wrote:

> (I have followed the alt.revisionism newsgroup for years, written several
> news articles about them and their use of the net, and have repeatedly
> seen neo-Nazis using the Lockard argument, with the same moral smugness.
> Same with the news stories I've covered on Toronto's racist right
> movement which was very visible two summers ago, before being shut down
> by some local groups, like Anti-Racist Action. In lengthy interviews with
> neo-Nazi leaders, I constantly encountered the Lockard argument above...)

	Praise the Lord for ARA!! These guys and dolls have done yeoman
service on the frontlines against (undebatable) fascism, especially here
in the Toronto area.

	And just for my detractors here who keep trying to portray me as
some marxist 'puritan', let me point out that many of these people are
ANARCHISTS. As a matter of fact, I've been quite friendly to a few of
these *anarchists* -- as I appreciate that they're putting their money
where their mouths are (unlike many armchair marxists...)


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