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Wed Jun 28 21:55:21 MDT 1995

Morris and News from Nowhere. M was defintely responding to Bellamy's
Looking Backward--he trashes the book quite explicitly in a review in
Commonweal (1889). Morris knew of course taht Butler's Erewhom was an
ironic satire and not a utopian prescription, moreover, taht it wasn't
socialist in any way. For references, see A.L. Morton's Intro to Three
Works of William Morris (International) or the lengthy discussion in E.P.
Thompson's biography of Morris.

I'd like to put in a plug for Morris as a great socialist thinker as well
as a great artist--unabashedly utopian, openly communist, deeply Marxian
but withouta  trace of orthodoxy or dogmatism. My own attitudes were
formed very largely by early engagement with Morris via E.P.
Thompson--taht, mixed with large doses of analytical philosophy  of
science. An unstable mixture, I'm sure. (Boom!)

--Justin Schwartz

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