Dobb, Robinson & Benetti

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Wed Jun 28 01:17:59 MDT 1995

Hello everybody. Hope you understand my latino-english!
I'm 19, and I'm studing Economics in Buenos Aires (not Marxian economics,
of course, but lots of 'marginal' and 'positive economics' and 'utility'...),
but what I really like is Political Economics.
I've been on the list for a couple of weeks, and I have some questions (and
I ask myself all the questions Lisa Rogers asked to the list about Austrian,
 dialectics ...).
Thanks for the Sraffa's summary, I really needed.
My question is:
Was Sraffr's the only relevant work on theory of value in the XX century?
What can be said about Joan Robinson, Maurice Dobb, the Grenoble School,
Carlo Beneti, and Antonio Pesenti? (I don't know very much about them)
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