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Guillermo Cruces asks:

|Was Sraffr's the only relevant work on theory of value in the XX century?
|What can be said about Joan Robinson, Maurice Dobb, the Grenoble School,
|Carlo Beneti, and Antonio Pesenti? (I don't know very much about them)

A few quick comments. Sraffa's was the most focused work on the subject,
but there are plenty of other references of related focus (and probably
greater interest!). If you want a clear introduction to Robinson-inspired
economics, try:

 AUTHOR    :Kregel, J. A. (Jan Allen), 1944-
 TITLE     :The reconstruction of political economy : an introduction to
            post-Keynesian economics / J. A. Kregel ; with a foreword by
 EDITION   :2d ed.. --                         FORMAT :
 PLACE     :London                PUBLISHER :Macmillan            DATE :1975

As for Dobb, I presume you are referring to his _Theories of Value and
Distribution since Adam Smith_. It is, in my opinion, a much less grand
work than its title; you would be far better off consulting his
colleague Ronald Meek's _Studies in the Labor Theory of Value_, but make
sure you get the 2nd edition, which contains essential qualifications to
his views in both a preface and an afterword.

I can't help you on the other three you mention; maybe someone else here
can. But some other recommendations: look at the work of Kalecki (on
which a reasonable secondary source if Peter Reynolds's _Political Economy,
A synthesis of Kaleckian and Post Keynesian Economics_, Wheatsheaf, 1987;
but Kalecki's original essays, available in several collections, are
quite accessible); you should also look at the American Post Keynesians,
with in my opinion the best being Hyman Minsky's _Inflation, Recession
and Economic Policy_ {also known as _Can "It" Happen Again?_}, Wheatsheaf,
1982 {though I'm not particularly fond of it, you might also look at
Paul Davidson's _Post Keynesian Macroeconomic Thought_, Edward Elgar,
1994}. Pasinetti's work should also be looked at.

Steve Keen

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