Socialist Utopia

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Thu Jun 29 08:57:05 MDT 1995

Like Tim (? TimW333521?), I'm extremely interested in the notion of utopia
and the issues it raises for conceiving and enacting a just social polity
and would love to learn from some of you addressing these issues.

Here are some of the trouble zones that I see--

sex--  it seems to me all utopian projects, whether theoretical/imaginary
or actually constituted, necessarily deal with sex and sexuality as both a
mechanism of social interaction and determining identity and status.  How
does the polity deal with the apparently archaic structuring impulse of
family, kinship, clan?  I suppose sex ties into the question of fun and
dancing too...

conflict--  how is conflict recognized and managed?  this ties in with the
broader question of...

authority and liberty-- how are these configured? how are they reproduced?
how are transgression, criminality and policing set up? it seems to me
there is a very large issue of deception, delusion, illusion, bad faith,
false consciousness, mental illness etc behind these.

exchange-- in a general sense, what would "just" exchange be, given the
problems above?

inequality-- how is the question of inequality and difference addressed?

change-- how does the new order come about? how does it accomodate internal

numbers-- most utopian experiments were small in numbers.  How do the
mediations necessary to larger numbers change things for the socialist
utopia?  is there a utopian way of mediating between small utopian
communities?  what is the role, function, value of technology especially
technology is communication in this?

I'll leave it at that.

Any thoughts?


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