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I hope you understand my Italian/English... Benetti/cartelier's work is of
course very important. But I would suggest you to give a look at Claudio
Napoleoni. He wrote an extremely important book on Marx in 1972 (Lezioni
sul capitolo sesto inedito - Lectures on the sixth chapeter unpublished of
Capital) which is translated in Spanish and/or in Portugues, in German,
and unfortunately not in English. There, and in other articles of that
period, he proposed to read the labour theory of value as a
non-equilibrium theory of prices (on different lines than the ones
proposed in these days by Freeman, carchedi, and others), and (implicitly)
within a money-capital circuit approach later developed by other Italian
authors, including myself.  He also wrote in 1976 another relevant book
titled Valore (Value), untranslated in English, with some change of
positions, which is in a sense based on the exact opposite thesis than
Dobb's book on value and distribution theories. His last word on value
(1989) can be found in a two-volumes collection on Marx and modern
contemporary analysis edited by Caravale. In English you find also a book
on the history of XX century of economic thought (not very much on value)
and Smith, Ricardo, Marx published by Basil Blackwell, another very
important book.

In a paper of mine in Review of Radical Political Economics 1989 there is
a survey of modern developments heavily influenced both by Napoleoni and
by French authors - which however in the '80s abandoned the labour theory
of value at least from the quantitative point of view, as a paper by De
Vroey in 1983 clariefied (there is an interesting critique of them from
Suzanne de Brunhoff in French, as the introduction to Les Rapports
d'Argent, Maspero).

Benetti and Cartelier have also written a paper on value and money for a
conference on Marx I organized in Bergamo last december. The proceedings
will be published in 1996 by Macmillan in two-volumes, and will also
include a paper by myself and Roberto Finelli (a philosopher) in which we
try to rescue Marx's labor theory of value as a theory of exploitation,
where this term refers *not* to surplus product or surplus labor but to
the whole amount of labor extorted in production as forced and
otherdirected labor.

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On Wed, 28 Jun 1995, Guillermo Cruces wrote:

> Hello everybody. Hope you understand my latino-english!
> I'm 19, and I'm studing Economics in Buenos Aires (not Marxian economics,
> of course, but lots of 'marginal' and 'positive economics' and 'utility'...),
> but what I really like is Political Economics.
> I've been on the list for a couple of weeks, and I have some questions (and
> I ask myself all the questions Lisa Rogers asked to the list about Austrian,
>  dialectics ...).
> Thanks for the Sraffa's summary, I really needed.
> My question is:
> Was Sraffr's the only relevant work on theory of value in the XX century?
> What can be said about Joan Robinson, Maurice Dobb, the Grenoble School,
> Carlo Beneti, and Antonio Pesenti? (I don't know very much about them)
> Thanks!
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