The Hermeneutics of Closed and Open Minds (was "Leo Casey...")

Andy Daitsman adaitsma at
Thu Jun 29 10:15:23 MDT 1995

Doug Henwood usefully contributed:
>It serves no useful purpose to label all of Soviet history & society by one
>man's name. It's an epithet, not a mode of analysis.

Doug, you're begging the question.  Are there real continuities from the
1930s to the 1980s?  That is, did the system created in large part by Stalin
remain fundamentally in place for the next fifty or so years?

If yes, then we've got a social and political system.  We need a name for it
(we do pretend to be scientists after all, and didn't all science begin as
taxonomy?), and we might as well name it after the person primarily
responsible for its creation.

If no, then I'm wacko and you can just ignore me...


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