Re ontology? of mental illness

James Devine JDevine at
Thu Jun 29 09:44:41 MDT 1995

you write: "I would still stand my a statement on the ontology of
mental illness that is not limited to the biological."

So would I, since I wasn't disagreeing with you.  I think that
Lewontin, Rose, and Kamin's book, NOT IN OUR GENES is an
excellent start, even though it's 10 years old (its stuff on
hyperactivity seems out of date to this non-expert, for example).
The etiology of mental illness of all sorts is almost always a
complex mixture of the social, the genetic, and the pre-natal.
After all, it used to be that a schizophrenic was labelled a
"saint" or similar; instead of mental institutions, there were
monasteries and convents....

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