Socialist Utopia

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Thu Jun 29 10:23:47 MDT 1995

Tim W. writes:
"So we get back to an old question: Can utopia work?  Or is it a
form of social organization inconsistent with the technological
development and population concentration we have in modern
society?  If the latter is true, and I believe it is, then we may
need to conclude that Marx and Engels, despite their "scientific"
claims, embraced utopianism as the model for their future
society.  Their dispute with competing utopians appears to be
more over means than ends.  Maybe the end is not feasible!!"

In my reading, the point of utopianism for Marx and Engels was
for workers to figure out for themselves how to run society
rather than to follow Noyes or some other utopian leader (David
Koresh?) into the hinterland. Of course, the utopias that fit
with Marxism are those that hope to embrace all of society
(Bellamy for socialism from above, Morris for socialism from
below, etc.) rather than some isolated colony.

for socialism from below,

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