Revolutionary Marxist Holocaust denial?

Rob Frantz rfrantz at
Thu Jun 29 16:17:10 MDT 1995

In a recent debate that took place on the alt.politics.socialism.trotsky
bulletin board, I, Rob Frantz, who had described myself in a previous
posting as a "unionist with liberal and social-democratic views"
was asked 8 questions by Ben Burgis, supporter of International Socialists.
In his desire to expose me as a reactionary social-democrat he included
this question, #6, in which he perhaps displays a "revolutionary Marxist"
form of Holocaust denial, that "millions of working-class people were
gassed in Hitler's death camps," rather than Jews.

My reply is below.

Ben Burgis asked me:

>6.How did the decision of the German social-democratic
>leadership to respect Hitler's "right" to rule Germany
>on the grounds that he came to power constitutionally
>help the millions of working-class people gassed in
>Hitler's death camps?

Rob Frantz answered:

You speak in your question #6 of "the millions of working-class
people gassed in Hitler's dearh camps." This way of describing the
reality of Auschwitz, Treblinka and Bergen-Belsen is typical of the
"proletarian" minded such as yourself. To you and perhaps I.S., it's
"millions of working-class people" who died in the camps. No, Ben, no.
Though I won't put a count on the number of "working-class people" who
were slaughtered, I will say that the millions who were gassed were
gassed, not because they were "working-class," but because they were Jews.
Though I won't go as far as calling you and/or your party anti-Semitic, I
will say that the full horror of anti-Semitism has always been soft-pedalled
by I.S. in favor of more compelling causes such as the workers and anti-Black
racism. IS' defense of the virulently anti-Semitic, Black Studies Professor,
Leonard Jeffries of City College of New York is a case in point.

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