Revolutionary Marxist Holocaust denial?

James Devine JDevine at
Thu Jun 29 17:30:04 MDT 1995

Please, let's not spend any time on such malcommunication! The IS
fellow is not engaging in Holocaust denial as far as I can tell.

The Nazis killed about 10 million civilians in the camps,
including 6 million Jews. The media usually forget the 10 - 6 = 4
million, who included social democrats, communists, gays,
gypsies, "deviants" of other sorts, and the retarded. I don't
know what percentage of the 6 million or the 4 million was
"working class" but I'd bet that at least half of each was.

It's absolutely true that the Nazis were anti-semitic. But it's
often forgotten (especially by the bourgeois media) that they
were also anti-working class, banning unions, working-class
political parties, free speech, free press, etc.

for socialism from below,

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