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In response to James Garrett's post, which I think is too long to excert,
I have a few suggestions. First, on the question of what is Marxist
literature, one might look at Raymond Williams, espcially Marxism and
Literature (which IMHO far outstips anything Eagleton will ever hope to
do) but also I suppose Jameson, despite my problems with him, is much
more up to date on the problematics of literary produciton than Williams.
(my problems are more in terms of his emphasis on narrative, especially
in his analysis of film in which he constantly leaves out (by his own
admission) the imporant- more important in my opinion poetics of the
visual produciton of meaning). In regards to, is it the third question,
about the justification of the author's postion in capital, I would
direct you to Walter Benjamin- the book/series of essays on Bauedelaire,
the essays on Brecht, and also "The Author as Producer," Brecht himself
has interesting things to say in an article I've seen quoted, but not yet
tracked down- on the "dirty hands of the radical artist" While not
totally Marxist, I think often of two essays in Foucault's
*Langauge/Countermemory/Practice* which I have had a chance to re-read
for other reasons lately, "What is an Author" and a dialogue with Deleuze
called "Intellectuals and Power"
Sorry if this is stale or if someone else has already made similar
suggestions. I'm a bit delinquent in my mail reading.

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