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Thu Jun 29 22:52:38 MDT 1995

HMMM. Sorry, I guess I wasn't done. I've really been thinking about
Utopianism in relation to music lately. I am particulary concerned with
questions of immediacy and mediation in Techno (also New Wave, Disco,
Funk) vs Punk/Rock/Grunge/etc. While there is very much of a romatic
discourse which is reactionary around new-age, "cyber-tribalism and
techno-primativism" in rave/techno culture, there are also very
interesting questions of pastiche, criticality, detournement etc in this
sub culture which I have been exploring. Even the use of drugs as a means
to both have a more immediate and totally mediated experience (both Acid
and Ecstacy) is very interesting... I think that the naturist discourse
of at least the re-fabricated 60's - early 70's is difficult to match
with rave culture. I may write more on this later, but I probably won't
take up bandwidth on it here... let me know if you're interested. Or if
anyone else is into this subculture (which seems on the one hand to
reject politics and on the other to be mercilessly immersed in it - there
have been big crackdowns in NY, London, Chicago and I assume elsewhere in
the last three or four months.) It may get more politically engaged as a
result.... I guess I'm putting out feelers to see if it already has.

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