Hi Steve, Hi Jerry

Chris Burford cburford at gn.apc.org
Fri Jun 30 08:06:55 MDT 1995

Hi Steve,

Like Lisa, I was waiting for your return, but was not completely
sure whether your mysterious alphanumerical call sign was you,
or whether you were just surfacing from a holiday elsewhere in the
great continent of Australia. Lurking under the Great Barrier Reef?

I was also waiting for Jerry's return because my sense was that Justin
and I had taken the Law of Value as far as we could ourselves.

Hi Jerry!

and welcome back too!

Alan Freeman also had some further interesting points on depreciation,
which seemed to me to have a wider relevance.

I am not quite ready myself but will try to post my understanding of how
the debate went over the last month.

Welcome back both.

Chris B, London

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